Women's Neurology

Plenty of clinicians encounter women with neurological disorders - I mean, to a general neurologist, that's about half the population... so aren't we ALL women's neurologists? Well, sort of, but not really. In fact, there are a few important distinctions particular to the growing field of Women's Neurology that a general neurologist may not be aware of: 1) Hormonal implications for neurological diseases. Think: multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, migraine to start. The list goes on. 2) Hormonal implications for treatments of neurological diseases. 3) Neurological disorders across the female age spectrum - from puberty to the childbearing years to menopause. For a researcher, women's neurology is also important. Why DO certain diseases appear more common in women? Is is all just hormones? Psychosocial? Are there autoimmune implications? Sexual dimorphism? Neurological Disorders in Women is a rapidly changing, exciting field! Here are some resources to explore.


Coming soon: resources for clinicians interested in or practicing women's neurology!

In the meantime, check THIS out! 

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Obstetrical Neurology Conference

There will be a conference on obstetrical neurology on Friday, September 7th in Pittsburgh, PA, lead by Dr. Janet Waters, Dr. Angela O'Neal and Dr. Amy Hessler - three superstar neurologists specializing in women's neurology, from three separate institutions - University of Pittsburgh/UPMC-Magee Women's Hospital (Dr. Waters), Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women's Hospital (Dr. O'Neal), and University of Kentucky (Dr. Hessler). 

The program includes talks from neurology, neurosurgery, ob/anesthesia, ob/gyn including MFM and it looks FANTASTIC. Do not miss this opportunity!

Register at: https://ccehs.upmc.com/liveFormalCourses.jsf

Here is the brochure:

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Neurological Disorders in Women

We met at the 2018 American Academy of Neurology annual conference to put our heads together: more research and clinical attention is needed in this important area!  This is a big growth area - but in the meantime, there are existing resources and specialists across the U.S.

Resources coming soon!