Women's Neurology

Plenty of clinicians encounter women with neurological disorders - I mean, to a general neurologist, that's about half the population... so aren't we ALL women's neurologists? Well, sort of, but not really. In fact, there are a few important distinctions particular to the growing field of Women's Neurology that a general neurologist may not be aware of: 1) Hormonal implications for neurological diseases. Think: multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, migraine to start. The list goes on. 2) Hormonal implications for treatments of neurological diseases. 3) Neurological disorders across the female age spectrum - from puberty to the childbearing years to menopause. For a researcher, women's neurology is also important. Why DO certain diseases appear more common in women? Is is all just hormones? Psychosocial? Are there autoimmune implications? Sexual dimorphism? Neurological Disorders in Women is a rapidly changing, exciting field! Here are some resources to explore.

Association of Migraine Disorders - Hot Topics Migraine Symposium will feature a panel on hormones - March 30, 2019!

The Rhode Island-based nonprofit, the Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD) is running what promises to be an educational and enlightening symposium focused on hot topics in treating women with migraine - specifically, the influences of hormones on migraine, including the menstrual cycle, pregnancy/postpartum and menopause, and the proper use of hormone therapy in the treatment of women with migraine. The Speakers include:

Dr. Janet Waters - University of Pittsburgh

Dr. M. Angela O’Neal - Harvard Medical School

Dr. Amy Hessler - University of Kentucky

Dr. Renee Eger - Alpert Medical School/Brown University

Dr. Marcie Richardson - Harvard Medical School

Dr. Julie Roth - Alpert Medical School/Brown University

Click on the button below for a link to the flyer:

Here is a link to register: https://migrainedisorders.org/events/annual-awards-dinner

Annual Obstetrical Neurology Conference - September 6th, 2019 - Lexington, KY!

If you are interested in women’s neurology, you’ll love this ANNUAL OBSTETRICAL NEUROLOGY CONFERENCE! The last conference on obstetrical neurology was in September 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA, and the next one will be in Lexington, Kentucky on September 6th, 2019 - right in the heart of bourbon country!

Conferences are lead by Dr. Janet Waters, Dr. Angela O'Neal and Dr. Amy Hessler - three superstar neurologists specializing in women's neurology, from three separate institutions - University of Pittsburgh/UPMC-Magee Women's Hospital (Dr. Waters), Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women's Hospital (Dr. O'Neal), and University of Kentucky (Dr. Hessler). 

The annual program includes talks from neurology, neurosurgery, ob/anesthesia, ob/gyn/MFM - to provide a comprehensive overview of how to treat pregnant and postpartum women with neurological disorders.

While we wait for this year’s brochure, here is the brochure from the last conference:

pic 1.jpg

Neurological Disorders in Women

We met at the 2018 American Academy of Neurology annual conference to put our heads together: more research and clinical attention is needed in this important area!  This is a big growth area - but in the meantime, there are existing resources and specialists across the U.S.

Resources coming soon!